Our Grand Poobah


35 years of experience developing and marketing gaming franchises including Turok, Maniac Mansion, XIII, Dragon’s Lair, Acclaim’s WWF/WWE series, NBA Jam, and High Heat Baseball.

Former senior editor of GamePro Magazine and contributor to a number of other national publications.

Experience working with numerous professional sports leagues and sports-related entities such as NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, NCAA, MLE (Major League Eating), NBA.

Ran PR departments of major gaming publishers with major sports brands Acclaim Entertainment (96-99), The 3DO Company (99-02). Ran US Product Development Department for Data East USA (94-96).

Held the national high score for the arcade game, Wizard of Wor, in 1982, which led to incredible fame and fortune…well, actually, just a half page interview in Tiger Beat Magazine.

8-bit pixel art by Rianne Meyers