Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain – Slick Precipice of Darkness

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  • The Challenge: Secure widespread, mainstream interest in Penny Arcade Adventures, an M-rated, episodic PC game based on Penny Arcade, a popular Web comic.

    MMPR’s approach: Position Penny Arcade Adventures as a must-play for adventure gamers, as well as any casual Penny Arcade fan. Overcome lack of experience with the episodic format on the part of press as well as consumers.

    TACTICS: Identify a print/online partner with whom to form an exclusive relationship in return for highlighted coverage.
    • Specifically timed release of support materials, such as interviews, art, features and gameplay movies to enthusiast sites to ramp up the flow of information regarding Penny Arcade Adventures.
    • Education of mainstream press with special “Guide to Penny Arcade” press kit mailing and follow up, introduction to Penny Arcade humor.